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C2 Education Southlake Offers the Highest Quality Tutoring in the Area

High School

For college admissions, grade point average and test scores are key elements for success. C2 sets a plan for high school students to achieve their highest potential in both.

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Middle School

Middle school is an important time for students. The middle school years should build a solid foundation in English, Reading, and Mathematics for success in high school.

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Elementary School

Elementary school students at C2 work with tutors who specialize in early childhood education. Our students focus on reading and mathematics and strive for excellence.

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Focusing on Core High School Areas Test Preparation for the SAT/ACT

While there are similarities between the SAT and ACT test, there are also differences. Each test requires a distinct preparation approach and our tutors focus on the core areas which each tests covers. Students will gain verbal and math skills and develop test taking technique for all sections of standardized tests.

The New SAT

C2 has developed a completely revised curriculum for the new SAT (NSAT). It covers the revamped test in the fundamental areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. The NSAT will be given for the first time in March 2016. Make no mistake -- the NSAT is a significantly more difficult exam than the current SAT. The new PSAT, which was given in October 2015, was an early indication of the sea change which will take place when the NSAT arrives in 2016. The math section on the new PSAT was appreciably more challenging than its 2014 predecessor. The reading passages presented a number of ambiguous answer choices. Equally important, high school curricula in Texas are not geared to the NSAT, making preparation by students a tougher task. We've told our C2 juniors and sophomores to be ready for longer and denser reading passages; a deeper dive into math, including elements of Trigonometry and Statistics; and an evidence-based essay which they may not be practicing in their high school English course. Understanding what's ahead on the NSAT ship and beginning early to comprehend the test will be the keys to success for those who want top scores.

SAT II Exams

The SAT II’s (or Subject Matter Tests) are addressed to disciplines such as English, History, and Chemistry. There are 20 of them and they are designed to measure understanding of particular subjects. They can be closely evaluated in competitive college admissions. C2 Southlake offers tutoring for the exams in:

  • English – English Literature
  • History – U.S. History, World History
  • Mathematics – Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2
  • Science - Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics

AP Exams

Advanced Placement courses can improve writing skills, sharpen math and science problem solving, and develop time-management ability. They also generate course-end tests. Tutoring is available for these subjects:

  • English – English Language/Literature and Composition
  • Science – Biology, Chemistry, Physics B, Physics C
  • Mathematics – Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics
  • History – European History, U.S. History, World History
  • Others – Human Geography, U.S. Government and Politics

Admissions Counseling

C2 Education in Southlake has tutored/counseled students who have been admitted to a range of the country's best universities, including Boston College; Caltech; Carnegie Mellon; Dartmouth; Georgetown; Harvard; Lehigh; NYU; Northwestern; Pennsylvania; West Point Military Academy; USC; Virginia; and Wake Forest. In Texas, students have been admitted to Austin College; Baylor; SMU; Rice; TCU; Texas A&M; Trinity ; and the University of Texas.

Secondary school students have successfully competed for admission to the Episcopal School of Dallas; Fort Worth Country Day; Greenhill School; Hockaday; and Nolan Catholic, among others.

This record has been achieved by students who were dedicated, worked hard, and had exemplary grade point averages and test scores. Along the way, they had the guidance of tutors who personally had been through the rigors of high-end admissions and attended and graduated from schools of the above caliber. Admissions these days is a very competitive business and C2 emphasizes strategy in school choice, complete and detailed applications, high quality essays, and thoughtful consideration of options such as Early Decision as the path to the "You're accepted" email. C2 also assists with honors and scholarship submissions.

C2 offers admissions counseling as an adjunct to tutoring as well as a separate service to parents and students.

Subject Tutoring

C2 Southlake's tutors provide instruction covering a wide range of subjects, extending across all grades. A sampling of the academic course list includes:

  • English – English I-IV, English Literature, Pre-AP/AP English
  • Math – Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus
  • Science – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pre-AP Physics/Chemistry/Biology, AP Physics/Chemistry/Biology
  • Others – U.S. History, World History, Government

Building A Solid Base Middle School Curriculum

The middle school years should establish a firm foundation in English, Reading, and Mathematics for success in high school. Each middle school student has a study plan based on his or her academic needs.

Subject Tutoring & Building A Foundation

Middle school is an important time for students. We stress basic skills for middle school students in reading, grammar, essay writing, vocabulary comprehension, and mathematics concepts. Study discipline is also built and, for advanced students, preparatory work for the SAT and ACT is initiated.

Duke Tip

Duke TIP is one of the premier summer camp programs in the country for high-ranking students. Admission to Duke TIP is based on performance on the SAT, with grade 7 being the first year students are eligible. A number of C2 Southlake students have been admitted to Duke TIP in the past two years. The Duke TIP program challenges students to think critically, promotes in-depth analysis, and introduces course topics unavailable to many students in the regular school year. Without exception, every C2 Southlake student who has attended a Duke TIP camp has come away with praise for the experience.

Private School

Students often come to C2 for preparation for private school admissions tests. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the two main tests employed by schools are the ISEE and SSAT. These national tests evaluate basic capabilities in English, math, and essay writing. Both of these tests are timed and, to be ready, student familiarity with necessary pacing through questions is important. The material on the ISEE and SSAT is presented in a way which may be different from what students encounter in school, making knowledge of the format of the tests a significant factor in achieving solid results.

Setting Skill Sets Early Starting in Elementary sChool

The ability to read for detail, understand mathematics on a concept basis, and express thoughts in writing -- all of these foundational strengths are set in elementary school. For that reason, C2 has developed a curriculum approach which gives students knowledge and confidence in these primary areas. C2 students learn and strive for "all A" report cards.

Academic Support

Early learning experiences are best structured in a small group setting rather than in large classes. Tutors understand that each student has particular strengths and weaknesses and they teach to these in a responsive way. A number of C2 elementary students work at middle school and high school levels in math and other subjects.

  • Tutors set goals for each student to meet and celebrate reaching them
  • Students learn to meet objectives in a step-by-step process
  • Students gain confidence and are fully prepared for their school exams
  • The C2 teaching environment is always small group, in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere

Basic Building Blocks

In addition to absorbing the fundamentals of reading, math, and writing, your child will learn time management and personal organization. When students see that they can achieve by planning and effort, they take an important step toward success.

  • Students reach a higher plane of understanding in core subjects
  • Taking pride in achievement acts as a motivator
  • Organizing to meet deadlines becomes part of a student’s strategy for the school year
  • Students are gratified when parents see and recognize what has been accomplished

summer intensive programs


creating a summer experience Summer Intensive Programs

Our class of seniors at C2 has set an impressive record of college admissions and scholarship grants. As we look at their records, we can see one common factor -- they prepared academically during the summer before their senior year of high school. When they began school in September, these students were prepared for the SAT and ACT and their standardized test scores reflected their work. Summer can be a time to learn and gain readiness and that is the purpose of the Summer Intensive Program at C2. Admissions is a competitive event. Applicants who employ their summer positively have an advantage in the process and gain results commensurate with their effort. For this reason, we recommend the Program for those who want to demonstrate the full range of their capabilities at the outset of senior year -- and obtain the favorable college notifications they hope to receive.

Individualized & Class Test preparation



  • 4 weeks to 14 weeks
  • Flexible schedule
  • Master vital testing and core skills
  • Learn advanced Math skills
  • 32 sessions and 3 practice tests



  • 5 weeks
  • Learn vital testing and core skills
  • Introduction to ACT Science
  • Approaches to the ACT and SAT essay
  • 10 classes and 3 practice tests


Intensive Subject Tutoring

Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Government & Politics, AP Human Geography, AP U.S. Government and Politics, AP U.S. Government and Politics/History, AP World History

  • 4 weeks to 14 weeks
  • Individualized program
  • 64 hours of instruction



Intensive Math, Reading & Writing

For younger students, the Summer Intensive Program is a way to build a strong academic foundation in math, reading and writing. Students in grades 3 through 8 can benefit from learning the approaches and techniques they will need to apply in higher grades.

  • 4 weeks to 14 weeks
  • Individualized program
  • Build a strong foundation for upcoming school year

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