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The largest Endowment

Ever thought about which college has the largest endowment? Well — if you thought the oldest and (arguably) the most prestigious school in the country, you’re right — Harvard is the answer. Its endowment is a whopping 36.4 billion (that’s right, billion) dollars. Think about the investment return on that sum. If Harvard were to earn a five percent return on its endowment each year, the Cambridge, Massachusetts institution would earn over $1.8 billion yearly.

 Not surprisingly, Yale is next in endowment size ($25.6 billion) and our own UT System comes in third at $24.1 billion.

 Of course, there’s quite a bit of difference in size of student body between Harvard and UT. Harvard has about 21,000 students; UT has over 217,000.

 So, don’t be shy about asking for scholarships. These prestigious universities have deep financial resources.


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