C2 Education FAQs

Answers to Basic Questions About C2 Education Southlake

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve given answers below to questions you may have about C2 Education Southlake. If there is a question we haven’t answered, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide the information you need.

How do new students begin their programs at C2?

Once diagnostic tests are in, students review the results with their tutor. They together formulate a plan to improve in the areas which require attention.

How are tutoring services structured?

Each tutoring session is timed at just under two hours. There can be no more than three students per session.

How is the C2 approach different from classroom instruction?

It’s a lot different. What might be called “classroom tutoring” tends to be based on scripted programs which do not necessarily reach the needs of individual students. Classroom programs can also be oriented to “the average”; particularly when students are not average, classroom lectures can be a very ineffective means of helping kids advance in learning.  At C2, we have had a number of students who found the large class technique unacceptable. When they began programs at C2 tailored to their capabilities, they progressed at an excellent pace and met their objectives.

What material is covered in a tutoring session?

For younger students, the emphasis is on foundational skills  —  in math, for example, solving equations and working with ratios. For upper-grade students, there may be a focus on SAT English and reading. C2 has developed over time a detailed, copyrighted curriculum which sets a firm grounding  for instruction for elementary, middle school, and high school grades.

How is the progress of students monitored?

Tutors record the results of each session as their students proceed. Periodically, students take interim tests to gauge how much they have absorbed. Tutors review each section of diagnostic tests with their students to evaluate both results and technique. The Center Director also sets meetings with parents to discuss where their student stands in relation to goals established.

Is test strategy an important element of achievement?

Yes. Especially for the SAT and ACT, students should have a strategy for each part of the examination. For instance, students should know how to handle the written essay and its time limitation. For long reading passages which must be analyzed, they similarly should know how to address matters of tone and emphasis, which are often the basis of questions with the highest degree of difficulty.

Do students receive homework as they go forward?

They do. Homework can reinforce what has been introduced and helps students tie down their understanding of, for example, methods of problem solving.

What about assistance with regular school work?

Tutors know that maintaining a high grade point average is a key standard for students. Students may need help in preparing for exams, completing papers, and finishing projects as they go through the school year. The tutors are available to assist with all these items when help is required.

Speaking of tutors, can you outline the qualifications of your tutors?

The C2 tutors must be college graduates and rank at the very top percentile on a test basis of the subjects they instruct. This means that tutors are expected to have a perfect (800) SAT scores in the subjects they teach. A number of C2 Southlake tutors typically go on to medical school or law school following their tutoring tenure. As an example, one of our recent tutors was the salutatorian of her class at Colleyville Heritage High School, graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, and is now a student at Columbia University Law School.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your tutoring approach?

For younger students, the most significant factor is steady progress in their core school subjects. A main objective for these students is an “all A” report card and the majority of students reach this goal. For high school students at C2, performance on the SAT is a central measure and a summary of results is posted on the “Record” section of the website.

What about the admissions history of C2 Southlake students?

Our high school students have been admitted to some of the most competitive colleges and universities in the country, including Cornell, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Purdue, New York University,the University of Virginia, and the University of Southern California. Many C2 Southlake graduates each year are admitted to Baylor, Texas A&M, and the University of Texas, a number of them on scholarship. Younger students have been admitted to private schools such as Hotchkiss, Hockaday, Greenhill, and the Episcopal School of Dallas. We have many attendees at Duke TIP, including one student who as a seventh-grader scored a 710 on the Writing portion of the SAT.

Do you help students with college applications?

Yes. All students must decide on the content of their applications and where they will apply The C2 tutors have gone through the admissions process themselves and are available to help to ensure applications are complete and accurate.