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What’s changing in the New SAT? Is ACT changing too?

We have had a busy summer at C2 and welcomed a number of new students from Westlake Academy, Nolan Catholic, and other area schools.

Many in high school have been concerned about the new PSAT/SAT–and rightly so. The ┬árevamped exam is in the opinion of the tutors a difficult and demanding test. The reading section has more ambiguity in its answer choices and the math element has denser and more complex questions. Juniors will be taking the new PSAT in October 2015 and the first new SAT will be given in March 2016. Those who prepared over the summer will have a distinct advantage. The reformatted SAT has a considerably different framework compared to the current version.

In the meantime, the ACT continues without major alteration. There will be additional questions in the ACT Reading section addressing integration of ideas while statistics and probability will now be covered in Math. The ACT is, of course, well aware that it competes directly with the SAT. The ACT commented on its website that “Our evidence-driven approach is what keeps the ACT grounded in research, yet continually relevant–the gold standard in college and career readiness assessment–without the need for radical or sweeping changes.” Somewhat of a shot for the SAT there–and probably justified.

On our part, we will continue to maintain C2’s quality level as the gold standard for area tutoring and college preparation.

Chris Kim

Center Director

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