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A Perfect Score

What does it take to attain a perfect score on the SAT?  —  to answer every multiple-choice Math, English, and Reading question correctly over a nearly four hour time span?  The answer is  —  a very bright student who takes the time to learn the intricacies (and there are many) of the SAT.

When Nyle began at C2 in Southlake, he had, as a junior, a combined SAT score of over 2200. For him though, this was not good enough. He aspired to a higher score and wanted to reach his potential on the exam. Accordingly, his program at C2 emphasized the most sophisticated elements of the test. In Math, the advanced concepts such as radical equations, quadratic functions, transformations, geometric notation, and probability. In Reading, the highest-end vocabulary and long dual-passage text. In Writing, gerunds, infinitives, parallelism, and diction.

Nyle gave his full attention to these varied topics. He was diligent in completing homework exercises. He memorized the top 200 SAT word list. He addressed and solved the most difficult practice problems in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. He also worked on pacing and being able to finish all test sections within their time limit. He mastered the balance between concentration and speed. This effort took place over a period of weeks, after his regular school day. One trait that undoubtedly aided Nyle was the fortitude gained from his years as a competitive athlete. As a point guard in basketball, he understood how to see the whole floor and developed the tenacity to see a game through to its end.

The SAT is ultimately a test of reasoning skill and focus. Nyle was rested and mentally ready on the morning of the exam.  He bore down through every minute of what was before him. All test-takers have to wait for their scores and Nyle was no exception; the waiting period stretched into weeks. Then score day came. It was a great one for him and his family. He had scaled a peak that only a handful of students reach in their high school careers.

Chris Kim
Center Director

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