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Elin’s Success Story

There are many stories of achievement at C2. When students reach for their potential, they can accomplish great things academically. Here’s the path one C2 Southlake student   – —  a very diligent student  – —  took to reach her educational objective.

Elin came to the United States as a freshman to begin high school at Fort Worth Christian. Her father was an officer in the Korean Navy. She lived with an American family throughout her secondary school years. In South Korea, she had been chosen for an advanced program in mathematics. She had studied the basics of English in elementary and middle school but was now faced with the prospect of all her classes being taught in English. One of Elin’s strengths was her work ethic and over time it brought her many scholastic awards. She received the year-end prize for highest grade in many of her courses. In recognition of her musical ability, she was chosen as Concertmaster for the FWC Orchestra. In her junior year, she was elected by her peers as Vice President of the Student Council. She came to C2 Education Southlake to prepare for her senior-year SAT. She demonstrated her diligence by increasing her SAT score by nearly 350 points when she took her SAT in October 2012. Upon her admission to the University of Texas, she was also accepted by one of the University’s honors programs, Women in Natural Science, which recognizes the top female students in science and mathematics in the entering class. As a scholarship student, she expects to major in math as a first step toward obtaining a graduate business degree. “I have a lot of respect for C2,” Elin says. “C2 and its tutors not only gave me great test preparation but they helped me organize my thoughts and write fluently for my honors program essays. I’d recommend C2 Southlake for anyone who wants to achieve highly in the admissions process.”


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