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Early Acceptance

The college admissions season is now well underway, with Early Decision/Early Action notifications now overlapping with completion of Regular Decision submissions by students. This year’s “senior class” at C2 is a very strong one and its members have aimed at a number of high-reach schools.  As with elections, there are some early admission returns in.

With the unknowns of contemporary college admissions, there will inevitably be disappointments along with victories for those applying. In particular, the gamble of Early Decision sometimes works and sometimes not for top students.

But back to those early returns — and there are some impressive ones. Noteworthy are those of three students who worked extremely hard on their applications and essays. Their respective admissions were to



St. Andrews (Scotland)

These students know who they are, and I won’t identify them here. However, the above admissions are very difficult to obtain and our congratulations are extended to each of the applicants (and their parents) on a job well done.

As the holidays approach, I want to extend best wishes of the season to all our C2 families and hopes for a happy and healthy new year.


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