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Where are C2 students going? College Acceptance List

Where are C2 students going?    College Acceptance List's image


 February 2015


Many of our high school seniors are awaiting their college admissions decisions — the ones that are traditionally communicated in March. However, many of our seniors went to work early this year (sometimes with quite a bit of encouragement from their tutors) and submitted their applications in the early fall of 2014. Admission to top schools is becoming more difficult each year and we continue to believe that early sending of applications can be an important step to success. And many students finished the submission process early — here are some of the results. We have included those we know as well as scholarship amounts:


AB — Texas A&M (early)

MC — UT Austin, Texas A&M

JC — Texas Tech, UT Dallas, UT Arlington

TF — TCU (athletic scholarship)

CF — Baylor ($64,000), Drake University ($52,000), Texas Tech ($14,000), UT Dallas, University of Iowa ($20,000)

NG — Baylor

KG — SMU ($80,000)


OH — St. John’s ($24,000), Manhattan ($18,000), Marymount Manhattan ($10,000), Providence, Pace University ($20,500), Iona ($60,000)

CH — Alabama

KH — Texas A&M

AK — Texas A&M

AK — Texas A&M, UT San Antonio

JK — Texas A&M, University of Dallas

SL — UT Austin/Natural Science Honors, Texas A&M Honors ($42,000), Texas Tech (full scholarship), UT Dallas (full scholarship), SMU, TCU.

TM — Texas Wesleyan

AP — Alabama

SR — Austin College (nearly full scholarship)


Congratulations to all on this demonstration of “hard work pays off”.


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