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The students at C2 Southlake have varied backgrounds; they range from athletes who will receive scholarships to play their sport in college to National Merit Semifinalists who are applying to Ivy League schools. Our younger students cover the spectrum from those who want to raise their course grades to those who are preparing for private school entrance tests. All of these students learn from their tutors but they also learn from each other as they compare notes on school courses and ways to prepare for what's ahead.

Early Acceptance

The college admissions season is now well underway, with Early Decision/Early Action notifications now overlapping with completion of Regular Decision submissions by students. This year’s “senior class” at C2 is a very strong one and its members have aimed at a number of high-reach schools.  As with elections, there are some early admission returns in. With the unknowns of contemporary college admissions, there will inevitably be disapp ...[ More ]

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Accomplishments of a C2 Student

We have many students at C2 who have shown initiative and leadership in their extracurricular activities. Julianne Y., who began at C2 at an early age, is certainly in that category. Now at Carroll Senior High School, she was named Editor-in-Chief of ...[ More ]


There's a new SAT and, after some delay, the College Board has issued practice exams for it and a Study Guide. Over the summer of 2015, the C2 tutors employed the new, multi-tiered C2 curriculum to ready students for the revamped test. We saw a s ...[ More ]

What’s changing in the New SAT? Is ACT changing too?

We have had a busy summer at C2 and welcomed a number of new students from Westlake Academy, Nolan Catholic, and other area schools. Many in high school have been concerned about the new PSAT/SAT--and rightly so. The  revamped exam is in the opinio ...[ More ]

Where are C2 students going? College Acceptance List

C2 EDUCATION SOUTHLAKE  February 2015   Many of our high school seniors are awaiting their college admissions decisions -- the ones that are traditionally communicated in March. However, many of our seniors went to work early this year (so ...[ More ]

The Return Variable

As both parents and high school seniors are aware, many factors enter into a choice of college. Geography, private versus public, reputation, and cost are some of the elements that come into play. But, assuming that a college education is sought t ...[ More ]

Carroll Robotics Wins The Day

We are fortunate in Tarrant County to have some of the top high school athletic teams in the country -- including nationally ranked teams in football, soccer, baseball, cross country, and swimming. Our athletes strive for excellence and learn many le ...[ More ]

A Perfect Score

What does it take to attain a perfect score on the SAT?  --  to answer every multiple-choice Math, English, and Reading question correctly over a nearly four hour time span?  The answer is  --  a very bright student who takes the time to learn ...[ More ]

The Whys of Early Decision

One of the most significant decisions facing high school seniors is whether to apply for Early Decision (ED) in the college applications process. ED and its cousin Early Action (EA) are programs employed by many of the most highly ranked and toughest ...[ More ]

Elin’s Success Story

There are many stories of achievement at C2. When students reach for their potential, they can accomplish great things academically. Here's the path one C2 Southlake student   - --  a very diligent student  - --  took to reach her educational o ...[ More ]