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Serving All of North Texas/Located Across from Carroll Senior High School on Route 1709

Our Programs

Our programs are geared to individual student needs -- whether in specific academic areas or in SAT preparation, C2 tailors curriculum that aims students for success.

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Keep current on SAT and ACT registration and test dates. Plan for exams and other key events with the C2 Calendar.

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Success Record

C2 Education, begun by two Harvard undergraduates, now has over 120 centers nationwide serving thousands of students each week. Our students come from all over the DFW area.

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Diagnostic Test

C2 specializes in diagnostic testing to identify student abilities -- and in formulating plans to advance those abilities. Testing sets the basis for achievement.

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Your Testimonials

  • “I liked the C2 approach of creating an individual program for each student. The tutors have a plan and they truly want students to reach their objectives and succeed in college admission.”


    Gina F. – Parent

  • “To prepare for admission to Greenhill, I knew I had to concentrate on my reading and vocabulary. C2 Southlake helped me do this and we worked out a strategy to use my time well. I made it and I am grateful to the tutors at C2 for the direction they gave me.”


    Daniel K. - Student

  • “You work hard at C2 and learn a lot that you sometimes don’t see in your regular school program. My vocabulary has grown since I started with C2 and I’m more confident in my reading and writing.”


    Jiyoung C. -- Student

  • “We saw the result of C2’s tutoring approach when my daughter was admitted to the Duke TIP program as a middle school student. One of her SAT scores was over 600 and I know C2 gave her the foundation to reach that level.”


    Joanne K. – Parent

  • “She’s benefited greatly from C2. Her grades and test scores improved in one grading period.”


    Linda C. – Parent

  • “One aspect of going to C2 I especially like is that the tutors explain concepts to you and not just rules. My public school teachers have been good but at C2 you learn the background that lets you comprehend the hows and whys. I was able to qualify for Duke TIP when I was in grade 7 and the tutors showed me the path to succeed.”


    Julianne Y. -- Student

  • “I was fortunate to be named a National Merit Semifinalist this year. My PSAT score increased by nearly 50 points in a year’s time and I give C2 a lot of credit for helping me reach that level.”


    Joanne S. - Student

  • “My son’s SAT score has improved by 700 points at C2.The tutors are very encouraging and I can say without any doubt that the emphasis on a personalized approach at C2 works.”


    Kathy C. -- Parent

  • “The tutors at C2 in Southlake are the best. If you really want to improve your scores, C2 is the place to go.”


    Nyle H. – Student

  • “The main tutor my daughters had at C2 was excellent at explaining what was being studied. She had gone to Hockaday, graduated from the University of Chicago, and was on her way to medical school. She was friendly and engaging and just a wonderful all-around tutor.”


    Marcela B. -- Parent

  • “C2 in Southlake gives you the tools to raise your SAT and ACT scores. The tutors are great and motivate you to do your best.”

    Edward C. – Student

  • “If you want to achieve your top SAT score, C2 in Southlake is the place to go. They work with you every step of the way. They are the best.”

    Josiah C. - Student

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Providing Comprehensive Tutoring Services Tailored For Individual Students

We provide a safe and secure learning environment where students can focus on their assignments and goals. At C2 Education Southlake, tutoring is done in groups no larger than three. This structure allows students to ask questions and to absorb material at their own pace. Lessons and homework respond to the requirements of each student.

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